Where do I start?

This is a new blog. I hope a little bit more professional and consistent than my other blogging site. And I’m guessing no one has checked out either. This is (for now) my private journal, well until someone starts reading it. Until then, this will be the place that I pour, or spill out my day. As I was preparing this blogging site I ran across a quote. Yeah, I like quotes, and when it comes to tweeting I tend to overuse them. This quote comes from John Owen. Who is John Owen? Well I am astounded by your curiosity. (This doesn’t sound like me at all) Like many other pastors who are very strong in their theology who are named John, Owen actually was one of the great great great grandfathers of authors who wrote about theology. Owen was a puritan, reformed theologian, and pastor. He learned to trust his life to Christ and live by His commands in his early twenties. He was very intelligent, and a great thinker. Now let us get to the quote, “Be killing sin or it will be killing you”. Such a fine segment of words, for such a time as this, being like a see-saw that neither goes back or forth, my life right now is very idle. I am not leaning in the direction of total discontentment with God, and I am not completely satisfied in enjoying Him. Craig Groeschel would call me a “Christian Atheist”.  This brings me to the question of  “Why am I not fully satisfied in who He is that I can enjoy Him?” Well, I am a rebellious human being, who loves what I desire and hates what God desires. But as a Christian should I not be doing what He desires I do? Yes. But why? Because I am so full of myself I could care less about Him. And that is what my life inwardly is screaming. When we are not killing sin, we are not searching in Gods word, because when sin is distracting us it takes our mind off of Gods word, and on ourselves. This is why I am writing at such an awful time in the morning. I cannot think of going to bed without getting some ounce of thought out to encourage anyone who struggles with sin. Tonight I can only think of one place to start, and that is with the newly created heart God has given to us, and the Spirit that is still there.


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