We Were Different

It seems like it has been forever since I have put my thoughts into words. The day is July 10th 2012, mid-summer, and I’m wondering, “Am I where I want to be?”. I have two answers to that question. 1) Yes, of course I am satisfied where I am at, it is where God has brought me to. 2) No, there are so many places where I would rather be, things I would rather be doing, and in my relationship with Christ, I want more.  I guess looking at the big picture, I have a job working at a bookstore in Russellville, I am in contact with a few friends, and I am with my family to help them with farm work.

This summer has been one of the most testing summers. To start things off, the local church is dying. I am not talking about the churches that are new and upcoming who are taking off like a C130, but I am talking about the local church. The church that every small city has on every corner, or near the school. These churches are slowly becoming more and more stagnant, and instead of church members taking a step back to see how they can help the churches case they run off to plant a new one. Why? Because statistics show that church plants are growing rapidly. (Well not all, but the majority) The local church needs faithful, educated, dedicated members, and it is lacking. I am very thankful for God allowing me to have a job here close to my home church, and have time to spend searching, and seeking through His Son on how we can engage the members of our church, so that we can become a more effective body of believers.


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