All that is not music is not music

I don’t have earphones. The last time I wore earphones was early September dad and I were cutting hay. When I work in the hay field I bring a jug of water to stay hydrated, and my phone and earphones to keep me awake. Why do I mention earphones? As I sit at BasTech at Arkansas Tech, I want to write, but I feel like listening to music would encourage me, but I can’t listen to music because, yes you guessed it, I don’t have earphones. Today, as I was walking to the library I thought about how cool it was that we have legs. With our legs we are able to run, walk, jump, and skip. I enjoy having legs. Free transportation, and if you work your legs out pretty well you have something that will help in attracting the ladies, but I don’t know how many ladies when they go to check out a guy look at their legs. I think that is kind of a middle ages thing when men wore tights. And it is a possibility today that skinny jeans on dudes are the tights of today. To go a little farther on this subject, the majority of guys you see that wear skinny jeans have really skinny legs. I am kind of in the middle. I just like my jeans to fit. Back to music. Earphones are essential in listening to music respectively in public. Earphones like jeans also help me write. Though in public I can write without earphones, without jeans would be a totally different issue. Earphones and jeans, a vital necessity in being a college student. Nothing spiritual about this post at all.


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