Black Letter Edition

If you can’t tell from the title from the last post I am mimicking (more polite word than mocking) the red letter edition of the Bibles. In the post I will tell you why. Is it a kind thing to mock the bold red letters that Jesus spoke. No. But is it appropriate to point out that probably out of the 1000 people who came through the bookstore (got hired back in May 2012) I work at, and purchased a red letter edition Bible. Probably 100 of those people have actually read the entire Bible. Yeah I might sound legalistic to some, but it is the straight up truth. So why? Why not 900 of these people or even 200 of these people read their entire Bible. Some would say it isn’t important to read it all, but only parts. From teachers, even pastors have said, it’s okay as long as you read 5 minutes a day. Lay your weapons down now, and hear me out. Yes, it is good to start out reading 5 minutes a day in your Bible, and possibly it may make a difference in your life, but do Christians truly understand the importance, magnificence, and the power the word of God brings to the table. This book doesn’t just change Christians lives, but this book tells of profound stories of God being who was Jesus Christ in flesh brought dead men to life. Not only is it something we read about, but it is still going on today. Lets get back to the meaning behind the title of these last two posts.

Since I have worked at the bookstore here in Russellville, I have thought about Christians, and our devotion to reading the word of God. How do we read it? What makes us want to read it? What makes the Bible “attractive” to us? When people come in the store to purchase a Bible I would hear anywhere from “I want a particular color” to “Make sure it is the King James Version because that is what Jesus used” well maybe I am a tad bit exaggerating because color matters. These people want a Bible that they can find comfort in reading. To me this is hilarious, and no I don’t feel bad because I am just as foolish! In all seriousness no matter what version of the Bible you get, what color, or how small, or what type of leather, or how beautiful the maps are. Every Bible will be gripping. It will never be a comfortable way to read the Bible. It is a spotlight on the room that is our wicked heart, and it shows the gross sticky greasy, grimy, crevices of our sin nature. The letters in red are important however, the black letters are important too.

P.S Get a Bible with all the words!

Taylor Cain


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