When we don’t know; God knows.

tumblr_m56lklxhkN1r0opwzo1_500I wanted to write in the morning, but I knew that my alarm clock and I would battle the snooze button yet another morning, and it would win. This is why I am writing so late because I wouldn’t wake up to write in the morning. Is that repetitive? The other day I was needing my mom to sew my pant legs, so I bring them to her, and while she is sewing away I look across the room at a table with all types of papers, and articles scattered out. I go through them, and begin to notice that this were little cut out pieces of newspaper that my mother kept from when I played baseball in high school. I started reading through them remembering my first high school hit, and our teams dramatic win against Atkins in the first round of district playoffs. Memory lane didn’t seem too bad. Then I remembered my teammates. I wasn’t the most obedient Christian. I had my quirks, and tumbles, but when it came to witnessing to my teammates God granted me opportunities, and most of the time I took them. Looking back I was a weird kid. I would read a verse before every bat, and draw three crosses in the dirt before every lead off. When time came during practice to share our stories about what we have “done” with our girlfriends they knew what I stood for. Going back to what I said earlier, I wasn’t the most obedient Christian, and we’ll leave it at that. Bobby Clark was one of the teammates that really thrived in baseball. He pitched a couple of no-hitters, and shutouts. College ball was looking bright for him. The same with Danny Parker. A six-foot lefty, and one of the guys that I grew up with. Both of these young men had hopes of college ball one went to the work field, and the other actually is to this day playing ball for Arkansas Tech. The main part of this story about these two ball players is about what God did in their lives after high school baseball. Bobby didn’t go to school, but he had a little boy and went to the workforce. One day I will never forget he called me in the movie theater, and I answered and he told me, that God took him to Nebraska to work their. This kid knew of God while in high school, but it wasn’t until after high school, and he had a son, that it really clicked with him. Danny was in my P.E class my sophomore year of college. He is doing really well here at Tech. One thing that brings joy about him is about a year and a half ago him and his family were baptized and joined a church in the area. Out of the 12 seniors that graduated with me I know of about 6 of them who call Jesus their Lord. Coach Haralson had us pray the Lords prayer before every game, and at the end of every season he would pray specifically for each of us. In school before class from our Junior year to our Senior year of school we prayed at 7:45 every morning for revival and transformation of our school campus. I may never see it in my lifetime, but God is showing me that through a little obedience, and willingness He can use you in unexpected ways. I never really thought I reached my teammates, I honestly thought I should have done more, but in Gods good plan and purpose His light was shown through the Christians at Pottsville High. Afterwards as I am growing up, I am seeing the fruit that I couldn’t see, or didn’t think could have been possible. God is faithful, and He is so good to us. I see that every day. I just read a guys blog from a church in Fayetteville (New Heights) he mentioned how in the midst of our minor struggles whether it be being late for a meeting, or sitting waiting on a train, or not getting the drink you wanted we tend to act like atheists. They believe that God isn’t there, which is quite funny. That is another story. In high school, and even now I have a hard time trusting a God who is there. This is Christmas season, and Immanuel “God with us” is playing on the radio, and on my CD player constantly. God is with us, He is here no matter what He is. How could I disbelieve in a God who is here? When I don’t trust Him with the girl I will marry, or when I don’t trust Him with the church I might plant, or lead, it is such a selfish thing, and in that selfishness rises disobedience. I feel like Jairus who says “Lord I believe help my unbelief”. There are a lot of things God can do and the things He will do because He keeps His promises. The learning point is will I obey Him to it? Will I trust Him to is? Am I going to be trusting God until He shows me my wife, or the church He would have me lead, or the seminary or country He would send me to? Will I trust Him to it, and that leads to the question when I get there: Will I trust Him through it? He is God, and in Micah the question is brought up Who is like God? I will hopefully be exploring more into this book during this winter break.

Even though we can’t see the purposes God has for our life just trust in what He has done.  Job couldn’t see what exactly was taking place up in Heaven, but in his belief of a Sovereign God he knew God knew His servant.



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