Back Then

This was something I coughed up back in high school when dealing with doubts, and relationships, and this is what poured out:

All the doors are now closed

Except the one that is open to you

Im pretty sure its pretty obvious

That doors don’t open on their own obviously

Is there no way of telling you

That there is no way of telling you my friend

Once we walked upon this earth together knowing life wasn’t the end

Fear struck our hearts, we had to start all over again but we still had You

Your my open sky stars filling up your celestial sphere

Every night I feel alone

You somehow show that You are here

Constellations oh so clear

God its Your universe Your love fills my atmosphere….

Its funny I use to think I could do this without You

Worries doubts and thoughts of giving up filled my mind

All I need is You God

You remind me of your sacrifice every time


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