Merciful and Mighty

Here lately it seems that I have had the most trouble blogging. I wouldn’t say it is because I have been too busy, or working too hard. I have just been lazy. I have not gotten up early in the mornings like I have wanted to, and I tell myself I have no time to write late at night. I hope now that school is starting back I can continue back to delight in writing. Today, January 14th is my friends birthday Brad Herren. I guess I can take a few minutes to talk about him.

We began our friendship about 6 years ago when his dad became our youth pastor at First Baptist of Pottsville. I have had so many good memories with this guy. He is one of the smartest, yet most stubborn guy I know other than myself.   He is a Emergency Management major at Arkansas Tech here in Russellville. Today he turns 21 and is now able to become a police officer if he desires so. His dad Blake, is the chief of police in Pottsville. Both of them are quite alike, but they wouldn’t admit it. I enjoy knowing the Herren family. From discipleship to free haircuts this family has went the extra mile for me. I hope this year my friendship with Brad can grow, and become stronger. Meaning I hope and pray that my relationship with God, and the time I spend with Him will pour over into my and Brads friendship. I have kept 6 strong friendships since high school, and I am very thankful for this one. He is a Green Bay Packer fan too, and I tweeted at him today saying “There is a special place in my heart for the Packers because of you”. If you don’t follow the NFL, Green Bay this past season got robbed a big win. I wasn’t around Brad, but I can imagine he went bananas when watching the end of the Packers/Seahawks  game. One day, if God permits, Brad will become a police officer. He will be doing something that has been a part of his character for a long time. He will be serving a huge amount of people. Brad serves people in the most unforeseen ways. Examples are innumerable. God is merciful and mighty in appointing friends to people who for the longest time take them for granted. I pray that I see the grace that He has given us in our friendships. brad herren

Taylor Cain


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