The joy that is becoming complete

Many people find their treasure in their possessions, something maybe that has sentimental value, family, or something they have put hard work into. I have learned lately that physical things are very fragile and they can be easily taken away. Where we place our treasures, we will find our joy.

“Where your treasure is their your heart will also be”-Matthew 6:21.

For example, my mother is struggling with a minor case of lymphoma, but yet she finds joy through the pain. She was diagnosed couple of months ago, and she will not be able to receive any type of treatment until she gets older, but there is nothing they can do now but watch her. She doesn’t just sit around and sulk about her life being bad because her sickness prevents her from enjoying life. She goes about life as though she didn’t have cancer. She cooks breakfast for my father, goes to work, comes home cleans house, and reads. She puts all her joy into the God she serves. When He is supreme in her life, everything else in life is taken care of. If God is sovereign over all things, then He is sovereign over her cancer. When she seeks Him first, He will take care of her sickness. I love my mother because she sees her cancer as a blessing from God. She finds her joy in Him as she follows Him everyday. She always tells me if she were to not wake up one morning it would not be because her cancer caused her death, but that God used cancer to glorify Him, bringing her to His kingdom. As my mom has placed her treasure in the kingdom of God, He one day will place her in His kingdom with Him.

Treasuring Christ above all things, will be your confidence that your life will be joyful during the most difficult painful times. As long as you live seek Gods wisdom, and grace, seek His kingdom, and His righteousness, and you will satisfied.

Taylor Cain


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