Living another day

There are some days I wonder, why am I here? Not so much why am I living, or what is my purpose, but why am I at college? Why am I paying so much just for a college life experience. For one I don’t live on campus, and the friends I hang out with live near campus. I live outside the college city and with gas prices so high it is breaking me just to come in town to hangout. So why do I do it? For friendships? For relationship building? Or to be in tune with a community of college kids. There are times like today that I feel the need to complain about living away from the college student culture, yet I know that being an intorvert the culture might drive me crazy. I believe God has precisely set up this design of my living so that I might be with Him more. There are many times that I abuse this.
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and fortunately our school let us out in honor of this day. I am currently sitting in one of my good friends, Jake Howe, bedroom watching him play a football game on his game system. I feel like driving into town was a waste, but when Gods hand is the one guiding today may lead to extraordinary opportunities. I believe that is possible. This is why I am writing. I am not a prophet I am just an expectant child of God who believes His Father can do all things.


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