Raise my hands

After looking back on some blog posts and another blog of mine. I have decided I am a horrific writer. Does this shock me? Of course not, but do I want to write better? Definitely. Writing better means writing more. Writing more means editing more, and rewriting even more. I am taking two writing classes this semester at Arkansas Tech. Sports writing, and Public Relations writing. Both which are considered functional writing. I have come to find that this is not my favorite cup of joe. I believe it will be worth the suffering in the end.
Let’s say that I never become a writer. Would this bother me? In the first couple of days, yes. Could I live without writing? Come to think more about it I could live without it. What would I miss the most? Recording my life day by day so that others might find a pebble of good for their day.
After questioning myself I have found that though I could live without writing, to live without writing is to live passing days.
I find that when I sit down at the computer or writing on my smartphone, I am stopping and reflecting on my life that day. To me, this is vital for the human being who was created for today. Why would the sun wake me up if I was suppose to stay in all day? Why would the alarm go off minutes after I rise from slumber? What is the point of living if the body we are given doesn’t move or doesn’t write? It is a funny thing to say that in writing today I feel a tad convicted from not following through in recording my days. Two thumbs using a small QWERTY keyboard on a device that is no bigger than a package of Orbit gum are creating a document that will be put away in the memory of an online blog site. This is fascinating. I believe it was John Owen, a great Puritan, said, (I am summarizing) the early church fathers had half of the resources we do today, but they, unlike us, searched, reused, and searched more with what they had. But we today, treat our resources at hand as nothing. We take reading for granted. Every article, every devotion, every ink bleeding paper that is at our convenince is only rubbish to us. Well that is how we treat it, no. Libraries of libraries are filled with great texts that have the answers for today, and we go on with our lives being controlled by cheap buffets, and mind deteriorating entertainment. Have we lost sight of what we can obtain, and traded it for something less precious. Are sandstones worth more than gold? As long as this stays between you and I, they have. And we are the ones deceiving ourselves.


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