For Christ We Remain Pure

One of the most startling things I find it Scriptures among many other verses, chapters, poems, is Matthew 23. All of it. Don’t wash the outside of the tomb, or the cup and leave the inside dirty or contaminated. Sitting here after a brisk workout I am thinking about the pastors and seminary professors who will be leading us in this weeks Resolute Collegiate conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. These men, the majority, seek the supremacy of Christ in their purity. Both inside and out these men cling desperately to the Sovereign Christ in which no man can get an inch in the direction of purity without Christ. Last night I was watching John Piper speak at a Desiring God conference at Zwemer Seminary. He was speaking about Sex and the Supremacy of Christ. Struggling with lust wasn’t just a morality issue, it was a vision problem. Seeing Christ in all that He is, ruler of the universe, creator of everything, rigtheousness of all that is given to Him, this God man is above all whether we see and submit to Him or not. He is faithful to Himself, and we must never deny Him. It is about by His great love and drawing that we desire Him. He holds us. He keeps us. He wants us. Why don’t we want Him? Why when I’m surfing through the YouTube and stumble across ESPN swimsuit photoshoot that my heart instantly wants to click on the icon. Controlling ourselves with our own power is about as effective as me breaking a steer (male cattle) in a hot summer evening. We don’t want to be led. When God leads us away from the temptation why do we turn our head? I am a stubborn livestock only wanting to find my corner and lay there not giving a rip about the Author and Perfecter of my faith. But in Gods glorious grace not only does He draw us to Him in salvation, but He gives us a Helper, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit convicts, counsels, sustains, guarantees, seals, and much more. I am thankful in this pursuit of holiness God gives us a help mate to make sure we remain until the end when we are to be glorified. I beg you to pray for purity inside and out. When Christ is your unbreakable immovable foundation we are able to move towards purity. He must be what we want to obtain in purity, in holiness, in sanctification, in our reward, in love, in Heaven, and here on earth. If Christ isn’t all in your life you won’t survive at all.


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