Winter Plaid February

In the competitive field of writing you must be a fluent and flexible. This may be the most difficult career to pursue. I would love to become an author than a writer. Why? The way I see it as an author I am somewhat more in control. A writer has a deadline, a certain structure he/she had to abide by, and a writer must be precise in their style, spelling, and punctuation. I would compare it to being a band signed to a label and a band that is independent. Today there is this thing called Kickstarter, where any artist or band can raise money, through the support if their fans to make an album. Through this channel of funding a band does not have to worry about sticking to a contract, or answering to a label manager. A band that is  independent is able to be more creative and real. An author has this ability until signing to a publishers contract. As challenging as it would be to write either as an author or a writer I believe I need to keep writing daily, even if it is blatently horrendous.


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