Resolute Collegiate Conference @SBTS

This weekend at Resolute Collegiate  Conference in Louisville, Kentucky was eye and ear opening. The preaching was heart awakening, call clarifying, and soul piercing. What am I doing? Am I playing the part God has called me for. Do I seek Him with my face flat on the ground begging for my sending? Do I not see where He leads me from day to day, and listen when He says “Go make disciples there!” After listening to Dr. Piper preach about holding on to the need of the Gospel Truth, and making its weight what holds our boat. The reason we tend to sink when trials come is because we are more than likely depending on some form of false idea that keeps us stable instead of the Truth of the Gospel. Dr. Mohler shoveled on the mound of Truth by adding that there is a new song that we are to proclaim everyday. From 1 Chronicles 16 to Psalm 96 to Revelation 5. Let every nation, tribe, language, and people sing this new song. How can they if we do not go forth and teach them? Dr. Piper exhorts us to let the Holy Spirit drive our sails. The reason we aren’t serious about the Gospel and taking it with us to our jobs, campus, or family is because we are preoccupied by our worries, status, money, or video games. As it points it out again and again, its time to grow up and become the man. Dr. Moore closed the conference preaching one of the most powerful messages I have been the audience to receive. John 16 is huge! Jesus Christ knew what He was facing when He faced the wrath of Gods judgement for us (those given to Him). Throughout the message Moore by the Gods power began to plow and till the ground that was so hard from not understanding what God is doing now. Jesus Christ said to fear God above anything else. God is all about making His name known, and whatever has to happen for that particular outcome He will do it. He is totally sovereign over everything. Moore ended with Christ saying He must be the seed that dies and bears fruit. We are the firstfruits. Like Christ was lifted high so that we could obtain the freedom from slavery to sin, in order for many to be drawn to Christ maybe we have to be lifted too. Suffering, trials, pain, and even death; once we recognize the Truth of the Gospel by faith through grace that God lavishly gives us we inherit what is our Kings even His death. We serve the Christ for His internal attributes not His external powers.
Lately I have consider a few seminaries none of which were Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. After sitting with a staff member at Southern and a professor it is obvious that Southern is the place for Gospel minded ministers. I come to find out after going through the book of Jude and encountering the atomosphere of Southern we are all ministers of salvation though not the Author. I will be in prayer about the possibility of attending Southern in the Fall of 2014. Another thing that Piper I believe mentioned about seminary, it is not a place to achieve the ugly burden of debt. The Lord will provide. As I.was in the LifeWay bookstore I bought several books, but one in particular surprised me. Looking inside the cover of Joel Beekes Heirs with Christ there unless in a small signature. It was the John Hancock of Joel himself with Phil. 4:19 below it.
“And God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”

In Him who is able,

Taylor Cain


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