Saving myself from myself for my bride.

There is this scripture found in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 3 that says “this is the will of God; your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality.” Now I am not a scholar in New Testament, and I will never become victorious over my sin where there is no more in my life, but daily by Gods grace I have battled and fought temptations dealing with pornography, looking lustfully at women, watching movies flooded with explicit content including sexual content. What man and what woman has not faced these temptations?  This topic is very sensitive to a lot of people, but if not dealt seriously by yourself with the help of God we will die with our flesh. The main reason many fights with the bondage to the desires of the flesh is because people in the church, in your youth group, and in discipleship groups flee more from the subject of sexual impurity rather than flee from the sin.

Don’t tell people like its gossip, but confess to a trustworthy brother or sister, but initially call to God who is there to forgive you. That’s what He wants to do. He is not merely there to condemn you. He doesn’t hold a whip or paddle to discipline you, but if you are seeking to kill this sin our Father will take loving action. More importantly, it will kill family connections, beloved friendships, and marriages before you meet your wife or husband.

That is just an inkling of what sexual immorality is, and the poisonous rippling tide that rushes over in your life.
There is a great difference between battling and regretting. Battling sexual sin means you are fighting with every tool you have to win little victories throughout the week maybe even the day. When we battle sin we understand that it is God who ultimately places good inside of us to seek Him and His holiness and purity. Some nights we will be lying in our bed and a suggested video of a woman who is dancing provocatively and you want to click, and by the mercy of the Lord you cry out “No!” and shouts of adoration and praise flow out of your mouth to God because He has given you a way out. Praise God from whom all victory over sin flows like a mighty stream into the mouth of the gulf. If we do not suffer to control our body and do not ache to repent; the battle is not being fought.

This will of God we see is the will we should pursue.
Regretting unlike battling is more of a state than an action. I can regret eating that last bite of food knowing I am going to experience the horrific effects in about 3 hours, but battling shows that I will fight the urge to take another bite even though the flavor and savory smell tickles my taste buds and nose sensors. Regretting can be godly. Most likely when we regret watching pornography or regret setting ourselves out there to be around inappropriate entertainment it’s more of a guilt or shame than a deep sorrow. Now I want to make clear that Christians face sin, we face sin of all types. The difference between those who battle and those who regret is repentance. Praise God for giving us an opportunity to repent, but let us not treat it like we do grace, cheaply. In the Christians, life repentance is not a trip to the principals’ office, but a recognition of Gods grace, Christ’s forgiveness, and the grief we have given the Holy Spirit who helps us.

Altogether it is the remembrance of the joy of the salvation that we once knew when we first met our love. In our battle against pornography, lustful thinking, or sexually explicit entertainment we must seek Christ and His every Word in the Bible. In the 66 books, His command for a pure life is there in every book. Don’t offer the excuse that the Bible can’t help us in our war against the flesh, key battle: sexual sin. Sanctification which is being set aside for holiness by God cannot be obtained until we are first justified by faith which is Gods enabling work. Many who struggle with sexual immorality and never turn to a pure life until they turn their life to God trusting in Him for salvation. So why is it that we must turn to God in order to seek purity? Because God is pure, and outside of Him we are not. We don’t even strive for a pure heart apart from Him. Because of Him, we are now able to pursue holiness, His holiness. This is the will of God. Many seek after this will to selfishly get what they want, instead of striving after His holiness as it is something they need. When we run after the pure heart of God so that our heart may be like His heart everything will be added. I pray that from this step forward that my life will be running after Gods’ heart so that His setting aside of my life for holiness will not be in vain; let it not be in vain.

Taylor Cain


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