Honor is what we owe our father and mother.

I don’t blog about my family enough.

Today I am at a housewarming for my aunt and uncle (my mothers sister and brother inlaw). I am reclined watching people I don’t know talk about cattle sales, fixing up trucks, and politics. The usual family and friends gathering. There are people here that work in the city deli, farmers, and community political figures. It’s nice sitting here seeing all these different types of people chatting together. Moving on to the focus of this post.
On this dreary afternoon after the rain has fallen and the sun begins to peek through the clouds I think of all that God has given my family. God has been faithful in the family farm, the vertical movement in jobs, and blessed securities that help my parents get me through college. I can’t help, but think how can I give this back?
Currently I live with my folks (this should will change). I am a semester away from graduating with a degree I am unsure of what God will use it for. I am looking at seminary for extra biblical and missional training, and I would love to publish a book on Adoption and Gods providence: His purpose in our journey in the pursuit of our Father. That is my hopeful title. Honestly, the book should come before the title so it may change.
In my mind, I would love to build my parents a new house maybe through a published book, and maybe not. As I write I am thinking it selfish of me to think that my folks are not content with what they have now. It is selfish and judgemental.
“Honor your father and mother”
This is what would mean more than a new house, or a new car to my parents, honor. It doesn’t say obey, even though that is what will come.out when you honor them. And the commandment doesn’t say “provide material gifts”, but it commands “honor your mother and father”. My father is the man who along with my mother chose even in the midst of difficult circumstances, to become my parents, my guardians, my family. Honoring them is what I owe them.


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