The closest thing to perfect is the fartherest thing from me.

I desperately need what You want for me. And I cannot see a better way, but that which is Yours. Your way is the best. I will follow it with the strength You give my steps, and with the faith that You gave me the day I first met You. Daily your word I will taste, and daily I will be satisfied by Your command. In the days of sorrow I will rejoice. In the days of defeat I will shout Your name. I will profess Your name in the dark, and it will be a song on my lips during the day. When will I need You? Everyday. Joy, let joy fill eachothers heart and let the springs of love overflow. I will hate my brothers sin as I hate my own. I will hate what is evil and examine my faith. I will confess my sin before You. I will crucify this flesh. I trust You will be my strength and my joy in the dark places because like a foolish sheep, I wander. Forgive me. Holy Spirit be near. If I grieve you please God keep Him here. My Salvation, Christ died in my sin, rose again to set me free. “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all of my days” Psalm 23:6

Taylor Cain


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