What I Leave Behind.

What I leave behind: a name on a banner, a name in several books, writings upon writings, signatures that will fade, pages of pictures of trips to South America page full after page, a family praying together, acre after acre of land, degrees upon degrees, a name that will lose its face, a moment covered in cobwebs placed behind the books in the attic, a list of people who I loved, prayed for, served, notes to my beloved, letters to my bride, and several ink pens dried up, loose leaf paper left blank, a couple of bucks in the bank, a will to my kids, a last name for my sons to carry on, a haybale in the meadow, a garden left to plant, workers finding more workers to plow, a poem for my daughters, a ring to my eldest, and love letters with a 50 year plaque that says “we made it, pure, awaiting our Lord” for my wife.

What I leave behind means nothing, unless it is for the sole purpose of making Jesus Christ known. What I leave; God saw, sees, and knows how to bring out much glory for Himself.

Being brought into an idolatrous nation as a baby I chose not to embrace it. Called to life, He adopted me. He made me an heir. I knew love because love first knew me. Grace was there before the foundations of the world. His name was precious, and His word my daily delight. I did not want to love my life, instead I died so that I could live in Him. Whether I live or I die I am His.

The workers God gave me to teach I pray they leave behind more.


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