We’re all going somewhere

April 10th 2013

Yesterday started out as cloudy, and cool. I expected to do homework, catch up on writing assignments, and taking some quizzes. After classes I met with a good friend Nick. We meet every Monday around noon to grab a bite, and talk life. He is getting married soon, and he is pretty stoked about it. I wish we had connections with The Chariot (a math-core band from Douglasville, GA) I think their wedding would be pretty stellar if The Chariot was the wedding band. Nick and I talked for an hour, and met a ton of people while we ate outside of the Baswell Techionery.  After we met up I drove to the Wesley Foundation to hang out with some guys then I received a text to go biking.

Continued on May 7th, 2013

By the way I am now just recollecting this day. It has been a few weeks since I started this post and I am thankful for a good long term memory. A couple of my friends asked me if I wanted to go biking that Monday evening. (if you haven’t read my previous post that also took place on a Monday) To sum up this semester every crazy unpredictable event took place on a Monday. Anyways I waited in the white house at Wesley until Joy, and Tyler were done with Age2Age. Then Drew, Joy, Tyler, Jose, Kevin, Jake, and I took off for a bike adventure. We rode across campus on to the new Phoenix route, and took a right on Parkway past the Russellville Junior High. We made a circle around Bona Dea trail and onto Arkansas Avenue back to Arkansas Tech. I was behind the pack until I took a shortcut behind Arby’s when I clipped the curve. I led the pack for a little bit until I realized that I had a flat on my back tire. Drew and the rest of the guys went back to Wesley to pick up his truck to come back and get me.

Instead of pushing my bike until he came to get me I decided it would be best if I carried my bike so the bike rim wouldn’t wear out. Wesley was about a half a mile walk from where I was so I carried the thirty pound bike on my back.

It was a sunny afternoon around 80 degrees and I was walking on the side of the road on my way back. I was in Chacos which made the trip a little more challenging, but after fifteen minutes the bike became hard to carry. I had both hands on my bike one on the handle bars and the other around the back flat tire. The bike was hard to balance on my back. Sweat started to roll down my forehead like tears going into my eyes. My eyes burned and it was difficult to wipe them. People past by one after the other just onlookers some laughing and some looking out of curiosity. I past some road bicyclist on the way they waved and said “You’re doing it wrong”. It was funny until I got further. Yeah I could have let the bike down and pushed it, but it wasn’t until I got half way to Wesley that something clicked in my mind.

Now I know the cross weighed a lot more than the bike, and that Jesus went through a lot more before He had to endure the cross, but I thought this is an experience. I know it probably didn’t touch the suffering Christ went through, but I felt it. John 18:4 going through my head, “Then knowing all that would happen to Him, He still went forward” Jesus Christ all knowing, all good, all powerful standing in the garden waiting to be arrested as an innocent man by evil men. He knew what would happen to Him. He knew what He had to endure to satisfy the wrath of God. And He still went through with it. He counted the cost, He prayed fervently, and He joyfully went to the cross! What a mighty Savior we have who voluntarily went on the road to Calvary something that in a million years we could never do on our own. God was there! He is here today!

I walked a few steps more and Dalton stopped and asked me if I needed a lift, and I told him thank you but I got a guy coming. Drew drove up and I put my bike in his truck, we headed to Ole South for dinner.

I am glad I remembered this. John 18:4 is a verse to keep in the closet for the Holy Spirit to bring back to our heart when we come to difficult times that are ahead. Maybe it is leaving our families to head to the mission field, or maybe it is leaving a church or ministry to go serve at another one. The future is ahead and God has a hold of that future. If we trusted Him for salvation we must continue to trust Him with whats ahead. Just like Christ knew what was waiting for Him when the Sun rose the next day He still knows what will happen when the Sun rises in the morning.

“Then Jesus knowing all that would happen to Him; went forward”

There was no other way. It was the will of the Father that gave Him strength to go forward. He knew that to obey His Father was to do His Fathers will, and He knew that it would cost Him everything. Yet He still went forward. Where are we going?


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