Suggested book of the week: “Let Go and Let God? A Survey and Analysis of Keswick Theology” by Andrew David Naselli

On Friday I will post one book that I think is helpful for those who are aching to find good summer reads. June 21st is a little late, but it is never to late to start making a list of good reads.

Here is a quote from Justin Taylor on the book:

“For years popular Christian teachers have been telling us the secret key to the victorious, higher, deeper, more abundant Christian life. We’ve been told just to “let go and let God.” If you’ve heard that teaching, you’ll want to read this book—the definitive history and critique of second-blessing theology. You’ll learn not only where this theology went wrong, but will also discover afresh the well-worn old paths of biblical faithfulness and holiness. Andy Naselli is an extraordinarily careful scholar who leaves no stone unturned, but also a compassionate guide who longs to help and serve the church of Jesus Christ. Readers of this work will be instructed and encouraged in their Christian walk.” Justin Taylor blogger and author at The Gospel Coalition

Here is the link to the book: and an audio interview at



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