Is Gods Love Unconditional? An article by R.C Sproul

I got to thinking about the common saying that “Gods love is unconditional”. I believe this statement is true. I believe it is true as long as we recognize that repentance and turning away from sin is a must in order to love and be obedient to God. The only way we can repent and believe and have faith is God giving us the ability to do these. Christs death satisfied Gods wrath and His resurrection solidified and confirmed the solid steel salvation that God is for us. Without the death and resurrection of Christ there is no hope, but because of it we get to have access to Gods love because He has loved us first. I explored some more and came across this trustworthy pastor. Gods word is infallible. But I believe that this man who is fallible offers sound insight to a question we all pass over without thinking biblically.

“Where in Scripture do we find this notion of the unconditional love of God? If God’s love is absolutely unconditional, why do we tell people that they have to repent and have faith in order to be saved? God sets forth clear conditions for a person to be saved. It may be true that in some sense God loves even those who fail to meet the conditions of salvation, but that subtlety is often missed by the hearer when the preacher declares the unconditional love of God. People hear that God will continue to love them and accept them, no matter what they do or how they live. We might as well declare an unabashed universalism as to declare the unconditional love of God without a clear and careful qualification of what that means.” R.C Sproul

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