The joys I feel, the bliss I share.

I am wide awake this Wednesday morning. Drew and I decided to sleep in the living room on the couches even though we have two beds in our bedrooms. It is 3 a.m. and I need to get some shut eye, but I have been wrestling with that since 11:30 p.m. So instead of sleep I have created a Spotify account, and clipped my toe nails. Drew sounds like he is about to head to his bed. He has to teach in the morning for his final.

Anyways I went to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water and came back to find myself typing in Arkansas Tech Wesley Foundation in Google. I looked through some of the pictures and I miss all my friends both graduated and those who will be back this coming fall semester. Yeah I got Drew, Jake, and Rachel here in town, but this “college town” sure is empty.

I have been able to help out with Age to Age camps this summer. Please if you love kids, and desire to see them thrive in the schools in the Russellville community support Age to Age. This is an incredible ministry. Getting the opportunity to work with Extreme Team which is the high school age kids was a blast. The retreat was only for a couple of days, but the four guys and I were able to talk about some hefty subjects towards the end. I felt like a bigger brother. Then this past week I was able to go to the JCrew camp which is the Age2Age camp for junior high kids. Before the trip started my allergies started to hit me. My nose was running everywhere, and my right eye was tearing up and I had to sneeze every 5 minutes. I was miserable. So I packed up several packages of tissues, took some Claritin, and packed my bags. I was a little late getting to the camp, but i did beat the counselors with the luggage. After introducing myself to the six boys I watched them interact with each other. DJ was a kid who stood out to me. One of the other boys was pestering him, and instead of retaliating he was patient with the kid until a counselor came over and handled the situation. Yeah I know it should have been me that took the other kids aside and talked with him. I went over to DJ and asked him where he learned that type of patience. He said his dad taught him that. I told him that his dad was a good role model for him. John and I led the first program about leadership. DJ’s humility in expecting no reward in return helped me get the point across about being a leader. Humility is an essential trait in being a good leader. Humility can never be identified by oneself about oneself. Humility is always identified by another person.

Later that night I got to lead the devotion before the boys went to bed. Earlier in the week I had gave a message on Philippians 4. “Be anxious about nothing, but be in prayer about everything”. I told them my testimony about how I came faith in the Lord, and part of enduring through the mountains and valleys in this journey was prayer. I asked them if they needed prayer for anything and if they wanted to come to me in the morning to talk feel free to. I had to head back the next day around lunch time. I hope that they were able to talk to John or the other guy counselor who came down after I left. These camps are the only opportunities that we are able to share the gospel. They know of Christ, and they have grown up reading some Bible verses. M y hope is that through Age to Age they would see our leaders in the way they act and maybe the kids will ask about the Jesus we submit our lives to.

For the longest time I never payed much attention to Age to Age. I thought it was a good ministry, but I didn’t understand the impact it made on a person or a child until I was involved. We have a great staff that puts camps, events, and activities together for these kids. The past couple of years we have lacked mentors mainly on the guys side. One of my goals this semester is to encourage young men who feel led to mentor kids to get involved in Age to Age. DJ’s mentor graduated this past year. He is the first one that I would love to find a mentor for. Maybe I will be that for him temporarily since I graduate in the fall.

Arkansas Tech Wesley Foundation was a ministry that I never thought I would be involved in. I was a Southern Baptist kid coming into college expecting I would be serving in the BCM. I have made a lot of friends through that ministry and ministries throughout this campus. This year I will share Director of Men’s Ministry with a dear brother Drew Cox. My concentration will be on Discipleship for the men. I am stoked about this year, and I couldn’t have possibly planned this out for my own life. God is good, and His providential Hand is in everything. As I enter into my last semester here in college I want to see more workers being prepared, and more workers being sent to the harvest. There is a great one here at Tech. Because I believe that God points us to the people to plant the seed, and to water the seed He will give the increase. I am confident that this year plants will grown, and this garden here inside Arkansas Tech will flourish. But only if we are obedient and pray trusting His will will be done, and His kingdom will come to this campus. Pray with me.

Thank you to Brother Jim Huffman for going where God tells you to go. Without you walking into Danville First Baptist and looking at their mission board I would not have met Keith Kluthe and Cody Dennis. And I would not have gone to Baltimore for two consecutive summers. It was through the friendship I had with Cody that I am able to serve here in Wesley today. Jason Molitor the college minister here at Wesley has been my wise man that I go to for advice. He has been so key to making sure I am obedient to this call into pastoral ministry.

Bro Jim, God truly does lead you to a people.

To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

in Him who is able,



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