Book of the Day: A Hunger for God by John Piper

The reason we fast is not for self improvement, or self glorification, but we fast because we long for the returning of our King. His name is Jesus and He has come fulfilled the law that we could not keep, and died a death that satisfied the wrath of God. He is now gone up to sit at the right hand of God after making one final sacrifice for those who will become sons of God. We fast for the new covenant He has made. John Piper goes through the purposes of fasting, as well he draws on the ways we should fast, and the ways we should not fast according to Scripture. He introduces why fasting is relevant today in our world, but fasting today is done wrongly. For some who may come across this blog post you are fasting during this Lenten season. This book is a insightful and will guide you as you read Scripture on fasting. If you are reading this and thinking about fasting, but do not know how to fast or maybe you do not think fasting should be Christian. It is good to think, and pray before considering fasting, but as Piper points out fasting is for the Christia. Fasting done rightly leads us to a pure hunger for the Bread of Life.


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