My Favorite quote from “This Momentary Marriage” by Dr. John Piper

I have noticed that the Ian and Larissa video is getting a lot of attention of a lot of the social media wires. Their story is truly God given. Here is one of my favorite quotes that was read at the beginning of their video. This quote is from John Pipers book “This Momentary Marriage”. I hope it encourages you. Please watch the video if you have not.

The Christian & The Local Church

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. John Piper is from his book “This Momentary Marriage” which is a gold mine! I would highly suggest this book to those of you who are getting engaged, or are engaged and getting married. Praise the Lord for this man’s wisdom and die hard devotion to Biblical principles for a godly marriage. I have recently let a couple of my friends who are engaged borrow my copy of “This Momentary Marriage”. All I can say is that this book gives you gospel clarity on what Jesus demands of two of His own making a covenant with one another. He has set up guidelines for marriage and placed them in the Bible. Piper has read and understood what Jesus demands for marriage. He has placed most of what he has learned in this less than 200 page book for Christians and non-Christians to see…

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