“Insanity of God” by Nik Ripken

“The cause of persecution is people coming to know Christ” What is an insane quote by the author, missionary, relief worker, and innovator of missions. Matthew 28 started his mission to reach the Somalis in Africa, which moved him to several countries to interview the persecuted believers in the hard places of the world. I implore you to read this book. Then go read the Bible and see where believers of Jesus Christ suffer to see the church grow and move. This mans faith is audacious, and his stories are raw. This is not Jesus Freaks, but this is his experience with the persecuted believers and their stories. These stories carry weight of the sufferings of Christ Jesus. I gave tears to this book, and not only the book, but to the stories of believers who are being persecuted right now. Do we know the persecution of these believers? Are we being deceived by Satan that we are living alright and safe here in America? This book will push you to your knees to pray for the persecuted. The author is a simple man who seriously took God when God said, “Go to”. Please read this book in whatever format you obtain it please read, soak in the Biblical truths, and ask yourself, does my life look NT like these persecuted believers lived and are living? This is radical resurrected faith from an obedient believer reaching out to believers all over to tell their story to us Western believers in the hope that we too would know the joy of the sufferings of Christ?

Watch a clip of Nik Ripken here and the book trailer here.


*These links are not my own. The videos are from Youtube and originally posted by dove.tv and IMB



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