He came forward

One of my first posts to Let Love Be Genuine. I figured I would share it again.

The Christian & The Local Church

The title will change until I feel like it fits the body, but for now it will remain “He came forward”. You can find this in John 18:4 “Then Jesus, knowing all that would happen to Him, came forward…”. This is one of the most radical statements recorded by any of the authors of the four Gospels. Jesus, the Son of God, knew what death would satisfy the wrath of God. He knew the sufferings, and the beatings that went along with it. The man didn’t even hesitate. He came forward. Why would He do this? Thankfully I have been around friends who have been called to the mission field or even to a foreign area. Now their calling probably wasn’t as terrifying as facing crucifixion, but to me it is a small glimpse through a periscope looking at the agony that Jesus would face. These friends left family members behind…

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