Love thy Lord above Thy books

Disclaimer: This poem is about the Christians salvation. What does he find it in? His books? His education? His notes? His church? His family? Or through Jesus Christ alone, by faith alone through the free gift of Gods eternal grace…

Books fill the shelf

Are they for myself?

All to feed my pride?

Thorn in my side?

Add to my collection

More about election

Doctrines will stand still

Living them to be real

My library of books

Have I too many nooks?

To show to everyone

Only to be seen for fun

Will they all be read?

Will print be my daily bread?

Am I feasting with every page I turn?

When will I learn?

Seeking wisdom from above

Library is not love

If not practiced or lived out

God can do without

If clinging cymbal be found

In my bookshelf heartsound

My collection needs burned

Salvation is not earned


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