Next semester I am hoping to take my first class on Hermeneutics which is the science of how to study the Scripture. Below are some helps that I found on a website. I have condensed them into a simpler form using one sentence quotes. Enjoy!

Hermeneutical Principles

Hermeneutics is the science of interpretation. Theologically, and biblically, speaking it is the means by which a person examines the Bible to determine what it means.  There are different kinds of hermeneutical approaches. The Roman Broad Church maintains a hermeneutical approach that puts the Roman Catholic Church above the Scriptures.  The Protestants put the Scriptures above the church.

The Literal Interpretation Principle

“What does the plain text say?  When we read the Bible, we should look for the obvious and plain meaning of the words we are reading. “

 The Contextual Principle

 “When practicing good hermeneutics, we want to put all scriptures in their proper context.”

 Scripture Interprets Scripture Principle

“When practicing good hermeneutics, we want to put all scriptures in their proper context.”

“We should always let the explicit scriptures explain the implicit scriptures.”

 Progressive Revelation Principle

“That God is progressively revealing truth as His Bible was being written.“

The Accommodation Principle

“The concept that God uses language that accommodates our human understanding of things.”

The One Interpretation Principle

“Every scripture in the Bible has only one interpretation.  A scripture may have several applications and may even be a shadow or type of a future event, but it still only has one interpretation. “

The Harmony of Scripture Principle

“Scripture needs to be in harmony with the rest of scripture.”

The Genre Principle

“The genre of a biblical text is important to know when practicing good hermeneutics. “

  • Historical
  • Poetic
  • Wisdom
  • Covenant

 The Grammatical Principle

“Understanding the meanings of the Greek or Hebrew words can help flush out the meaning of a given text.”

“Good hermeneutics always includes watching grammar and syntax.”

 The Historical Principle

“The Bible has been written in a way that any culture from any time period can understand and apply its truth.”

Go to the link below if you want to read more info. A lot of the information above is from the youthapologeticstraining website.




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