Doctrine: The under-developed part of the Christian

When we choose to study biblical doctrine it causes division because it usually goes against what we grew up knowing. Studying Biblical doctrine helps the Christian see their need to separate themselves from churches that lack certain doctrines and moves you to cautiously seek out a church that holds to biblical convictions, and is under biblical authority. Church doctrine has been cast to the side too long that a lot of people don’t even look for it anymore when they go and seek out churches. It has lost it’s importance and this is killing our churches.

For a long time I have said that if men and women would look at their denominations doctrine, or statement of faith, every word of it. And then if they would look at the Bible: would the two be complementary? would they make a similar tune? John Piper wrote a book called Doctrine Matters. In this book he says, ““What the world needs from the church is our indomitable joy in Jesus in the midst of suffering and sorrow” Here is a video of Piper summarizing his book. Paul teaches doctrine in all his epistles, and doctrine needs to be taught correctly in our churches today. If the church steps aside from doctrine and relaxes it’s purpose in the church the church will be misled or be in a state to be misled.

I feel that many people who sit in the pews, or chairs today have little to no information on what their denomination doctrine says. Because a lot of the time they’re told or they read about how doctrine hurts the church because it divides. Instead the importance is placed on childcare, website quality, proximity, comfortability, social makeup of congregation, and so on instead of asking how biblical the church is. The reason for this is so many people aren’t biblically minded, biblically educated, or biblically informed. “Doctrine affects our view about God and everything in the world” as Denny Burk states in his article “Heresy of Indifference” you can read more here.

The More Denominations the More Watered Down Churches

There are Presbyterians, Assemblies of God, Baptists, Methodists, and Pentecostals. Then you have your non-denominational churches, your categorical churches, and parachurches.

When I worked at a bookstore during my time at college I came across a book named “Handbook Guide to All Denominations”. I opened it up and I was amazed at the disunity in our Church. However, I understand that this disunity comes from men who did not come from there Bible with convictions, but from subjectiveness or feelings. After a few years of Bible intake, listening to men qualified to handle God’s word by God, and reading a variety of views on different issues surrounding the Body. I have come to a rough conclusion: Denomination doesn’t save you, Jesus does, He has given us (church)instruction, and He has given us the Spirit to interpret this instruction. Years upon years, men who were called to leadership, pulpits, have let pragmatism, immorality, self-preservation, and people lead them astray causing the multiplication of denominations not disciples.

Reading our Bibles for the sake of being obedient not just correct.

I don’t think that if more people read their Bibles there would be more unity amongst all church people, however, I think the opposite. I don’t think that we got so many denominations because people had biblical convictions. I believe that if people were to read their Bibles that it would be harder for them to find an ill excuse to depart from their church. They’d more likely set aside their own subjective preferences in order that the body of Christ could maintain unity.

More to follow…

In Him who is able,




3 Replies to “Doctrine: The under-developed part of the Christian”

  1. Hello Taylor, I really enjoyed this post. I agree with what you said about reading our Bibles for the purpose of being obedient not just to be correct. I think many times we are a lot more concerned about gaining knowledge than practicing holiness. We are more concerned about looking pious rather than actually being pious. If we really read our Bibles for the sake of being obedient, boy, would we stand out a lot more as Christians and God’s name would be glorified yet even more!

    Thank you for sharing this post, this stood out to me.


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