Time with Mom part 1

This is a two-part series about my mother who pointed me to the grace of our God by being an example of living grace!


When I was in high school I went through a time of depression. My girlfriend and I broke up, and my performance in school and on the baseball field dwindled away. I was a leader of a weekly bible study for our youth group, and I was looking forward to going to play ball at a private Baptist college that was thirty minutes away from the high school I played ball at. Things changed, and they didn’t change very quick. After our break up I was left unaware of what God was going to do with me. My life was all wrapped up in a relationship, and everything on the outside was on hold.

My mom knew I was upset so she began writing Scriptures and little notes for me. I still have them today. They are tucked away in the first Bible dad gave me, an old New King James burgundy, leather-bound that has its binding taped to hold it together. There are about five notes in all. All of them are filled with Scripture and I re-read them every once in awhile for their timeless encouragement.

Mom has always been the one to notice when I was down in the dumps. I remember when I faced another fight with depression. I was working through college dealing with the stress of keeping my grades up and juggling ministry opportunities. She’d ask me how I was and like the dishonoring son I was then I would just ignore her or give her a two word answer under my breath. She has a consistent caring heart and it beats for Jesus.

One of my dearest friends Drew and I talked about a month ago when he came up to Russellville to crash while our wives were on a retreat with some other ladies. We went to Chic-Fil A and looked back at the time that has went by rather quickly. Him and I have a wife, a job, a church to serve, and online courses at sister seminaries. Our testimonies differ, but we share the bond of wishing that we had honored our parents more when we were under their roof. We discussed about how we have taken for granted the times we should have spent with our mom and dad rather than hit the road with our friends who aren’t there now like our parents are. We realized the great debt we owe our parents for ushering us into the real world and being supportive even when we make silly decisions.

I say this to help you see that there are Christians out there with the desire honor their parents even when your not under their roof or depending on them financially. The command God has given us to honor our parents is still in effect even when we become independent from them. I couldn’t have learned this if it were not for spending time with my mother. Little by little each day she taught me the importance of becoming independent apart from her and dad. Dad did this too, and I am thankful I had parents who worked together to bring me to this understanding. It took a long time to get it through my thick skull as they would say, but it worked. I look back praising God that; He brought me to both of them. They are a providential gift from the hand of God.

Today, spending time with mom is cherished more. Many would think “well its because she has cancer?” I would correct them and tell them, “no, its because God has grown my desire to honor her more and more” I don’t forsake my responsibility to my wife when I make that statement. My wife is who I lay my life down for everyday, my disciple, and covenant sharer. My mother is someone who has prepared me to respect my wife. As an only child I didn’t have the opportunity to be graced with the smells of hairspray or perfume. Mom had her Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds perfume that dad and I got her every Christmas when I was seven, but that was about all I knew when it came to living with another woman. Other than the hefty girly smells mom prepared me to be responsible, be tidy, pick up after yourself, and be thankful for leftovers!

My mother is the best cook (pre-June 28) and it wasn’t until I was married that I truly understood how hard she worked for me.

to be continued…..








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