for my brothers.


“Where has the time gone?” is the phrase that keeps ringing in my ears as I drive thirty minutes down I-540 towards Clarksville where I work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. For thirty minutes everyday I think about how “times they are a changin” as Bob Dylan would say. But it is. Friends are moving south, northeast, and far far north. My wife and I are staying put here in this old, random, slow town. But this is where God has called us to be and I am okay with His timing.

The last four years I have grown to love several guys that are my brothers eternally, I met my wife who I have been covenanted to til death, and by Gods grace I am serving at a healthy church. Yeah graduation, yeah taking seminary classes, and yeah making memories. But I do not take for granted the brothers God has given me, the wife God has graced me with, and the church God has brought me too.

a predestined brotherhood.

Growing up I was an only child. But God knew in my college years He would bring men my way to hold me accountabe for my actions, rebuke me in genuine love, have gospel conversations for sharpening, and pray with me about anything. God has connected us through the common grace in Jesus Christ. As adopted sons by God that would make us brothers. So this is to you guys who have taken wives, or still searching. Brethern Foreveren is what our group text is called.  God has caused our paths to cross for the purpose of helping us get to our next place in life. It’s odd in todays time that a church would bring us close together and continue to draw us closer together. But that’s how God utilized Crosslife. We all have served by teaching, loading equipment, helping people move, breaking down tables, or just breaking it down on the dance floor at one of our weddings. (Turner ;)) We have stayed up some nights working on seminary, or had our own little renderings of R.C Sproul’s Tabletalk discussions. Sometimes I’d think we are the only ones who share this type of bond, but who am I kidding? I know there are other brothers who (I hope soon) will come into contact with each of you. I know they will feel your love as much as I have felt it!

what you leave behind.

It’s not the going away that should be on my mind, but the fruit that you leave behind. And I am thankful I get to see the growth from the ways you guys have invested time, finances, sweat, and tears into this community. Each of you have devoted your lives to this church. Now you go to find another church to serve in. Like I always have said, “serve others the way you have served my wife and I.” That is my prayer! Because soon Crosslife will be just a church that pointed you to the next healthy church to serve in and be apart of. So be quick when you get all your stuff moved in. There is a fellowship awaiting you.
my prayer is that you would seek for and serve in a healthy church. 

You have been trained by Crosslife to know what to look for in a church. You’ve seen a healthy church (not perfect) now work hard to find one whose shepherd preaches the Word, whose worship consists of Christ saturated lyrics, and whose chief end is to enjoy God and glorify Him forever. I am jealous that this next church gets to see you as God makes you more and more like Jesus. 

I hope they are able to handle your long prayers, I hope they love your taste in music, your random pets, I hope they are ready to taste some delicious cooking, hear some funny stories, ready for the road trips to conferences, adventures on some trails, or jam out to The Chariot!

I hope they pray with you often, hold you tight when sorrow comes, and sharpens you even finer as God conforms you more and more into the image of His Son.

I hope you are praying for the church you may wind up in the next several weeks. Pray for their pastor, their leadership, their witness in their community, and their heart for the nations. Take the teachings of the Scriptures you have learned here and share them for the edification of their souls. I know busyness is at your doorstep. Errands to run. Things to do. But don’t forget the church! Also don’t forget to date your wife! Callie and I are praying for your marriages. We are also praying for the one’s who God has called to singleness for now.


Great is our God and He is greatly to be praised! Praise Him all you His saints. Adore Him with loud shouts of gladness. He reigns forever. You who will dwell in Heaven don’t forget to remember all the good He has done that has kept you on the straight path.

By His hand and in His strength we go proclaiming the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ though separate temporarily, in Christ eternally.

In Him who is able,

Your Brethern Foreverern 


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