The God Who Saves us, Sustains Us. 

Psalms 54:4
Having an old 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer which has 200k+ miles on it sure helps one learn about the life of a vehicle. In 2008 I had wrecked the first vehicle my parents gave me. I was 16. I’d been driving for less than 5 months. One wintry night my friends and I were headed to the movies. The roads on the mountain were starting to get icy. I drove around a curve where ice had already settled. Next thing I know I had lost control of the vehicle and I collided head on with a tree.

The next vehicle my dad bought me in 2008 is the same vehicle I am driving today. It’s been 11 years and 110,000 miles since he had purchased my second and last vehicle. He told me if I were to wreck this one it’d come out of my own pocket. Which I think is good instruction for a young reckless teenage boy like I was at the time.

Like all vehicles that don’t get wrecked some are able to handle a lot of mileage before they give out. Things like proper maintenance can help increase a vehicles existence. I drive 50 minutes to work round trip. I need my vehicle to run almost an hour if not more a day to get me where I need to go. One day I realized that vehicles run but eventually they will stop for whatever reason even if you take care of it properly. It reminds me of my own body. I don’t exercise that like I use to when I was in college. I eat decently. I take my vitamins and drink a lot of water. However one day either in the near future or far off. I will die. My heart will stop beating and my organs will give out.

My grandfather and I use to cut, rake, and bale hay together at his farm. The tractors we used were older than me. It surprised me how well they would run every year from May until September. The reason they ran so well is because grandpa took care of them and I did what I could to assist him. Also because Ford in the 80’s made quality, long lasting, and a workhorse of tractors. But eventually they will give out.

As I am writing this post out my heart is beating. I don’t control its beat. All I do is breathe in and out so that it will continue to beat. But I didn’t start it and I am not in control of it so much as just breathing. Having a heart helps me to rely on God and admire His Sovereignty in my life. He is control of events in my life as much as He is in control of the beating of my heart. We are finite human beings. We have an end. Just like cars and tractors; one day we will give out.

But there is good news. The creator of our bodies is the Creator of the Universe. He cares for us. Not in the sense that we should not expect break downs, or the need for a checkup at the doctors office. But in the sense that He sustains us. However long He wants us to live for His glory upon this earth He will make sure that we make it. He has set the finish line and He has started us on our course. It is our duty to recognize that we are solely dependent on Him.

“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” Psalms 54:4


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