young men, aspire to be elders

If an elder, pastor, or overseer of any church, wants to be a biblically qualified leader he will be appointed based on the New Testament qualifications as instructed by God. These qualifications can be found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. Also more instructions for these men can be found in 1 Peter 5:1, and Titus 1:5.

Men who are appointed to lead, oversee, and care for the souls of Christ’s sheep must meet these qualifications. Now that seems a bit dogmatic and I mean it to sound so because it is so. We need to understand that God’s Word to us is more than mere instruction, it is authoritative instruction.  We should follow what He commands. Even in matters regarding the church. Too many pastors, church members, bloggers look to how the church has always done things within their own denomination. It seems today that if you want to have elders in your church you ought to join a Presbyterian church. If you want to have deacons, the Assemblies of God or the Baptist churches will do fine. If you don’t want to have any type of leadership in your church head to church that only accepts to call their “leaders” volunteers instead of following the guideline of Scripture. In some of these churches Scriptural authority is taken for granted and mocked. There is an urgency, I believe, today to revitalize churches who are misguided and don’t place much emphasis on the sufficiency of Scripture.

The Scripture is useful for the Christian life as well as the Christian church. Christians today have been given instructions in Gods Word and we must not start anywhere but His Word. Before we look at our denominational history and how they practiced church polity. We must first look at the Word. It is enough for showing us how God brought us into His family and it is enough for us to see how the Church is to operate.

Aside from understanding right polity according to the Scriptures there is a misnomer that only leaders in the church should strive to meet the qualifications seen in 1 Timothy 3 or Titus 1. The reason I say this is because young men today as church members seem to go after their careers more than seeing the need to pour a lot more of their life into the church. I am talking about young college students who like myself never really saw a place in the church unless I was teaching youth, or I played an instrument. But there is more to being a church member and more to being a Christian. I am here to tell young men: strive to meet these qualifications! Even if you are never appointed to be an elder or ordained to be a pastor it will do you well to strive to be above reproach, to be faithful to your wife, be able to teach the Word, manage your household well, be peaceful, self-controlled, sound in faith, obey the Lord as He sanctifies you, be humble, and continue becoming more like Christ. If you do all these things as a church member and never reach eldership or the pastorate. Then what will you lose in striving after all these noble characteristics?

What you’ll gain is being more like Jesus Christ! Which is far better!


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