About Taylor Cain

I am a student studying Pastoral Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. Currently I am taking online classes, but my plan is to move up this summer to finish out my MDiv on campus at the seminary. I am married to such a stellar, biblical minded, beautiful love named Callie. I blog about opportunities where God allows me to apply what I learn while studying in seminary. I also write about church membership, polity and the church. I love the church and I am grateful God has brought me into His family by His grace therefore qualifying me to be able to fellowship with other believers in the local church. For the next few months I will be pouring into young men in our church teaching them Basic Church Structure and learning under the preaching of Bobby Biggers and the other elders at Crosslife Church (SBC) where I am a member at.

Email me, tweet at me, or message me on the Facebook. My prayer is that these few blog posts a month help you, encourage you, and point you to see Gods purposeful design of commanding you and I to be in covenant with a local church.

God is Holy and our Creator. We are born depraved, helpless, dead in sin only wanting to rebel against the Lord’s will. We are unable to earn union with Him on our own. However Jesus Christ the Son of God came to the world to take on human flesh. Lived a perfect life and satisfied the wrath of God to atone for His elect children. If we repent and believe in Christ we will have everlasting life. We will be free from the power to rebel and sin. Once evildoers and fearful of God now seated at the table of God. He is coming back to bring us to God only those in Christ are waiting for Him abiding in Him and loving His commandments to glorify Him.

In Him who is able,

Taylor Cain


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